Orpheus and Eurydice

I am currently in pre-production with another stop motion animated film. This time it is a short, and will be filmed at 24fps with handmade props and puppets. 

It is directed by myself with the screenplay by Lawrence Mallinson.

Produced by Saranne Bensusan, Lawrence Mallinson and Chris Wright, the plan for this film is festivals and to win awards. We have already produced a stop-motion feature film that won seven best film and best animation awards. We want this film to do better than ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ with a much higher frame rate, bigger puppets and better quality production techniques. 

We are currently looking for actor and composer collaborators on this festival bound short. 

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‘The Anthropocene Chronicles’

A Civil Compliance Message

This is a programme of projects that I led on.

For the first project I worked with talented writers Carmen Radtke, Emma Pullar, Fiona Leitch, Rachael Howard and Nick Jackson to produce a novel containing eight short stories. I wrote the short story called ‘Scheduled’, which appears in book one. You can buy your copy here!

Dissonance, Lavender's Blue, Do Your Bit, Emilie, Gina

This book also includes the screenplay for ‘Lavender’s Blue’ in English, plus the first 12 pages of the feature film script for ‘Dissonance’, set 30 years later. It is available from all good book retailers including Waterstones and Amazon.

The second project is also complete. I have produced and directed a micro short propaganda film called Lavender’s Blue. It is set a few days before the book.

Emilie makes a secret video about her Artificial Intelligence unit Gina, and how she suspects that it has been lying to her.  I wrote it with Rachael Howard, who provided some provocative song lyrics to American composer Guthrie Low’s arrangement of a folk song called ‘Lavender’s Blue’. It stars Stine Olsen as Emilie and Natalie Sloth Richter as Gina. The short is in Danish to reflect diversity, and to show that it isn’t just English that survives into our dystopian post apocalyptic A.I. dominated future.  This is the first non-English language film that I have directed, however I have worked on Kurdish films in the past.

‘Lavender’s Blue’ is currently being submitted to film festivals around the world and may possibly have role in future productions as propaganda material, to incite rebellion.

So far it has made the official selection at the following festivals in 2018:

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We have also been working on a number of propaganda posters from both sides of the rebellion!

              Resistance poster       Keep Fit 300x225 - News & Current Projects      Do your bit

My team and I are currently in development with the feature film ‘Dissonance’. If you want to come on board as above the line crew or as a producer please drop me an email at saranne@sarannebensusan.com.

‘Ménage du Trois’

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This is a short horror film I wrote and directed last year starring Louise Rhian Poole and Mark Preston. Following the huge success on the festival circuit, you can watch the film here: 

‘The Hunting of the Snark’

"Best Animated Feature Film" at the Maverick Movie Awards 2016
My 2015 stop frame animated feature film continues to do well. Following its premiere at Cannes 2015 and the subsequent success on the film festival market, the film picked up worldwide distribution and is now available on many VOD platforms around the world, including Amazon Prime. You can watch the trailer for the film here:

‘I Put My Heart into this Film’

This will be my debut novel scheduled to be published around Christmas 2018. It is the story of a middle-aged man names Davis who has a dream of getting his one and only script made into a film. After being rejected by producers, he decides to buy a cheap camera and make the film himself using his friends as actors.  His plans soon fall apart however after he finds out that the camera is haunted by a dead film director who wants to become flesh and blood again…..