Scheduled (Short 2018)
Director, Producer, Writer

Ménage du Trois (Short 2017)
Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Girl in Bath (Actor)

Cops V Freak (Short 2016)
Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Producer

Emily’s Journey (Short 2016)
Editor, Colourist, Producer

Nicola’s Shedim (Short 2015)
Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist

Mano a mono (Short 2015)
Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Colourist, Cinematographer, Radio dispatcher (voice)

The Hunting of the Snark (Feature 2015)
Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Colourist, Animator, Digital FX, Telephone Receptionist (voice)

I Am Cursed (Feature 2014)

The Priestess (Short 2014)

I Put My Heart Into This Film (Feature 2014)
Producer, Director Of Photography (second unit), Bennie (Actor)

Speak Out on Hate Crime (Short 2013)
Director Of Photography (second unit)

My Dear Uncle (TV Series 2013) – Editor (1 episode, 2013), Colorist (1 episode, 2013), Sound Editor (1 episode, 2013)20131
The Beginning (Nov 30, 2013) – Editor, Colorist, Sound Editor

Puppet Building with Chris Wright (Short 2012)
Editor, Producer

Britain in a Day (Documentary Feature 2012)

Inevitability (Feature 2012)
Co-Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Annie (Actor)

Christmas Greetings (from a Fairy to a Child) (Short 2011)
Producer, Editor, Narrator (voice)

Toy Mountain Christmas Special (TV Special 2011)
Special Thanks

Flushed! (Short 2010)
Director, Producer, Editor, Herself

Let’s Change It (Short 2010)
Associate Producer

Patrol Men (Feature 2010)

The Raven (Short 2010)
Music Composer, Foley Artist, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer, Digital FX

Toy Mountain Christmas Special (TV Movie 2010)
Special Thanks

Seminar (Short 2009)
Music Composer, Production Assistant

The Landlord (Short 2009)
Music Composer2009

The Shoe (Short 2009)
Director, Producer, Writer

I Put My Heart Into This Film (Short 2007)

Maxzilla (Short 2005)