On this page you can have a look at some of my past works since I established myself in 2014 as a writer, producer and director.  When I have not been working on my own films I have produced and edited other people’s work and have produced commercial work.

This 2015 film is my multi-award winning short film Mano a Mono, starring Sharon Lawrence and Tom Bonington. I filmed this in my flat with kit that we already had because we only had a budget of £500. Tom went on to win a Best Actor award, whilst Sharon was nominated for Best Actress.  This film also stars Terry Shipton and Sonia Mason as police officers. We spent the money on cast, crew and insurance and filmed it within a day. I wrote, produced and directed. 

This is my multi-award winning feature film The Hunting of the Snark starring Joerg Stadler, and based on the poem by Lewis Carroll. This film was also a 2015 film, however I went into production with this in 2011. Because it was a stop frame animation there needed to be a lot of time allocated to making puppets and props, and fixing them on set during the shoot when hands fell off or we needed to replace heads. Also in a days’ work we would probably only create about 2 minutes of footage! It was fun to work on and had a much bigger production budget than Mano a Mono and was screened in the Marché du Film at Cannes in 2015.  I wrote, produced and directed.

If you like horror then you’ll like my film Ménage du Trois. This film has also done well on the festival circuit, being nominated for Best Special Effects. It has also qualified for BAFTA and was submitted in April 2018. This film stars Louise Rhian Poole and Mark Preston. I wrote, produced and directed.

This is my latest film, Lavender’s Blue. I shot this both vertically for internet use, and normally for the festival circuit. This is part of The Anthropocene Chronicles franchise and was filmed in January 2018, and I wrote in Danish and English. It stars Stine Olsen as Emilie and Natalie Sloth Richter as the voice of Gina. Song lyrics provided by Rachael Howard and music provided by Guthrie Lowe. I wrote, produced and directed.

This little video is a trailer I edited and produced for my up coming debut novel in 2018, I put my Heart into this Film. Directed by Lawrence Mallinson.  This is a story of a middle-aged man names Davis who has a dream of getting his one and only script made into a film. After being rejected by producers, he decides to buy a cheap camera and make the film himself using his friends as actors. His plans soon fall apart however after he finds out that the camera is haunted by a dead film director who wants to become flesh and blood again…..