On this page you can have a look at some of my past works since I established myself in 2014 as a writer, producer and director.  When I have not been working on my own films I have produced and edited other people’s work and have produced commercial work.

This 2015 film is my multi-award winning short film Mano a Mono, starring Sharon Lawrence and Tom Bonington. Tom went on to win a Best Actor award, whilst Sharon was nominated for Best Actress.  This film also stars Terry Shipton and Sonia Mason as police officers. I did most things myself due to the budget constraints, so I also did the cinematography and the editing.

This is my multi-award winning feature film The Hunting of the Snark starring Joerg Stadler, and based on the poem by Lewis Carroll. This film was also a 2015 film, however I went into production with this in 2011. Because it was a stop frame animation there needed to be a lot of time allocated to making puppets and props, and fixing them on set during the shoot when hands fell off or we needed to replace heads. Also in a days’ work we would probably only create about 2 minutes of footage! It was screened in the Marché du Film at Cannes in 2015.  I wrote, produced, edited and directed, and did all of the cinematography.

If you like horror then you’ll like my film Ménage du Trois. This film has also done well on the festival circuit, being nominated for Best Special Effects. It has also qualified for BAFTA and was submitted in April 2018 for the 2019 year. This film stars Louise Rhian Poole and Mark Preston. I wrote, produced, edited and directed, and did the cinematography.

Nicola’s Shedim was a micro short film made with the aim of selling a screenplay that I have written. It has also done very well on the festival circuit. The feature film is about a little girl and how she ‘creates’ a demon as a consequence of losing her sister in a car accident. This short is directed by Lawrence Mallinson. I was the cinematographer and editor.

Cops v Freak was a friend’s film I was the cinematographer on, and I joined the team at the last minute. I am keen to support female film makers and was happy to lend Director Sonia Mason a hand to help her make it. I also took on responsibilities as the editor.

Helping out another friend, Director Adam J Morgan, I edited this improv film ‘Emily’s Journey’. There was no script, and my instruction from the director was ‘make a film out of this!’ when he handed me the footage! It was fun to work on and shows that the lead actor Charlotte Elizzabeth Langley has an amazing talent.

I have much more of my work available on the From the 3rd Story Vimeo page. I am also a songwriter, and edited a video together for one of my songs called ‘For a Smile’.  Vocals – Saranne Bensusan; Guitars – Saranne Bensusan, Andrew Gill; Drums – Jim Evans-Jones; Bass – Lee Condron.