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The Anthropocene Chronicles

If you prefer dystopian fiction, then you can purchase The Anthropocene Chronicles direct too.

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The Anthropocene Chronicles is a collection of short stories by some of today’s up and coming talented UK writers, including Emma Pullar, Carmen Radtke, Saranne Bensusan, Rachael Howard, Nick Jackson and Fiona Leitch.

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In the year 2160 there are 12 billion people on Earth. Humans have made a devastating impact on the planet, and following The Change, resources have become rationed and strict regimes have been implemented to keep the population healthy and minimise waste.

The Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy confirmed that the earth had entered into a new geological epoch, moving from the Holocene to the Anthropocene, following major scientific debate and evidence that human activity has impacted upon the climate and environment of the planet in a significant and lasting way, making a permanent mark in the geological record.

All human life is now managed by the ‘state’, a computerised A.I. system which controls the lives of everyone to maximise productivity and safety, and minimise further human devastation on the planet, and provides one-to-one supervision and assistance to humans in the form of A.I. Units, varying from Cube devices to various robots for the better off. There is no crime as we know it today.

Animal farms have been eliminated as a measure of protecting the environment form further human damage, and the entire human population is now vegan. To ensure global productivity, citizens must work continuously underground without seeing the light of day, whilst the far fewer elite enjoy freedom and liberty above ground, with fresh air, sunlight, and time to pursue hobbies and dreams and have pets.

The below ground citizens are unaware that there is another possible life, and those above ground are unaware that all they have is at the expense of others underground.

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These are eight stories, plus a screenplay for the short film ‘Lavender’s Blue’ and the first 10 pages of a screenplay for the feature film ‘Dissonance’. Both films are part of The Anthropocene Chronicles universe.

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You can buy this book from Amazon or Waterstones, however if you buy direct from me, with the proceeds going towards funding the feature film ‘Dissonance’, you can get it for just £1.99:

The Anthropocene Chronicles